The Many Joys of Cold-Brew Matcha

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Cold-brew matcha. Really?


Really. We’ll talk about the pleasures of drinking icy-cold matcha in a second, but first: what do I mean by cold brew?


Cold-brew matcha simply means matcha prepared with cold water; as with cold-brew coffee, the water for making cold-brew matcha is never heated; we use icy cold water to start. But unlike cold-brew coffee, cold-brew matcha doesn’t require any lengthy or complicated extraction technique. We simply add matcha to a water-bottle, large water-dispensing unit, or even five-gallon pony keg, add cold water, and shake the hell out of it. That’s enough to temporarily suspend the matcha particles in the cold water long enough to actually drink it. As with warm shots of matcha, It never fully dissolves, it simply suspends in water. If you leave it alone for a few hours, the undissolved matcha will eventually settle on the bottom of the vessel.


One can play with proportions of matcha to water but I’ve found that 1g of matcha to 8 ounces of cold water is just about right. If you like it thicker, use slightly more matcha.


Here’s the exact procedure:


1) Scoop 2g matcha (about a teaspoon) into an empty 16-ounce water bottle,

2) Add 2 or 3 ounces very cold water, shake vigorously.

3) Add another 13 or 14 ounces cold water (for a total of 16 ounces), shake. You’re done!

You can also use a Vitamix or other powerful blender to prepare cold-brew matcha, especially if you like it slushy-cold. Simply add a small quantity of ice and use the 1g matcha to 8 ounces water formula, and blend thoroughly.


Note that cold-brew matcha isn’t “iced matcha” — iced matcha is typically matcha prepared with hot water, and then ice is added.


There’s nothing quite like cold-brew matcha on a hot day; it seems to go directly to the brain’s key satiation spots as it hits all the right notes. for thirst quenching. It also looks amazingly tantalizing in a tall glass!


The cool thing about cold-brew: you can brew any grade of matcha, and they all taste great. Drinking Blends 97, 99, and 100 in this form is an ethereal experience like no other. The 94 makes a beautiful cold-brew matcha; its ever-so-slight bitterness when prepared hot isn’t detectable at cold temperatures. Even the culinary matcha makes a fine cold-brew drink, to my utter amazement and delight.


We’re currently working on some new and innovate ways to dispense cold-brew matcha; stay tuned!