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Natural selection has equipped human beings with exquisite bullshit alarms.

We use them all the┬átime: when meeting someone for the first time, when watching movies, when trying a product, or, especially, when we encounter advertising. The brain will light up in red blotches when it perceives possible deception or downright danger. One would assume that brains that didn’t develop this important trait didn’t make it very far into subsequent generations . . . .

How do you get someone to trust you, especially if you’ve never met before and are meeting for the first time on the internet, through a website or email?

One way is to show that *other* people — presumably trustworthy people — trust you, and therefore the odds are in your favor. “Borrowed” trust is indeed important, and it’s why we here at Breakaway Matcha HQ show quotes from people we feel are very trustworthy indeed, including wellness experts, sommeliers, yoga ambassadors, writers, cookbook authors, well-known chefs, and of course everyday people too.

But the only way, ultimately, to get someone to trust you is to do so one-on-one. It’s why we like to get to know the special people who purchase matcha from us. We are this pretty awesome tribe of people who have taken charge of our own health and well-being. And I’ve always got the time to get to know my fellow tribers. It’s also fun to profile, in this space, some of our tribe.

If anyone knows some good proven ways to increase trust, please let us know! Because in the end, it really is all about trust.

2 thoughts on “Building Trust with Matcha

  1. Hi Eric,

    A profound and enlivening way to engender trust is to stop trying to control others in any way. Through many mistakes I have found that when we aim to change or control others, we create resistance and disharmony. This occurs no matter how subtle our desire for control might be. And I have seen how the subjective minds can be very covert, so reasonable, and quite sincere as “I” attempt control.

    So, I have taken up the practice of breathing in the present moment, recognizing that my subjective mind skews my perception and that I may very well be attempting control in some way, and letting go of my agenda and connecting with the moment and my audience. Then I speak or listen with real openness and honesty, rather than the subtle up shines of agenda. I respect other’s views (respect your opponent’s Ki) and do not cut them off. At the same time I do not submit or go slack, I stay very present in the moment, opening awareness to what wants to happen…

    So how does this mesh with running a business where I do have to sell and promote? I have to let go and trust that a good heart and skillful service will be enough. Besides, the world I create when I attempt to control is one of scarcity, unfriendliness, and fundamental separation. I do not want to live in that world.

    I find your emails and posts fun, good hearted and friendly.

    Keep it up!


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