Building Trust with Matcha

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Natural selection has equipped human beings with exquisite bullshit alarms.

We use them all the time: when meeting someone for the first time, when watching movies, when trying a product, or, especially, when we encounter advertising. The brain will light up in red blotches when it perceives possible deception or downright danger. One would assume that brains that didn’t develop this important trait didn’t make it very far into subsequent generations . . . .

How do you get someone to trust you, especially if you’ve never met before and are meeting for the first time on the internet, through a website or email?

One way is to show that *other* people — presumably trustworthy people — trust you, and therefore the odds are in your favor. “Borrowed” trust is indeed important, and it’s why we here at Breakaway Matcha HQ show quotes from people we feel are very trustworthy indeed, including wellness experts, sommeliers, yoga ambassadors, writers, cookbook authors, well-known chefs, and of course everyday people too.

But the only way, ultimately, to get someone to trust you is to do so one-on-one. It’s why we like to get to know the special people who purchase matcha from us. We are this pretty awesome tribe of people who have taken charge of our own health and well-being. And I’ve always got the time to get to know my fellow tribers. It’s also fun to profile, in this space, some of our tribe.

If anyone knows some good proven ways to increase trust, please let us know! Because in the end, it really is all about trust.

The 10-Minute Matcha Meditation Practice

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This simple and delightful morning ritual will change the quality of your day — and hence your life. Try it for just a week; there is absolutely nothing to lose. It might even give you the power to create other changes you’d like to make. It works for me. 

1) Get up earlier than everyone in your household – you’ll need about 10 minutes of solitude, but you might prefer 20 or longer. But you only NEED about 10. 

2) Don’t shower, just go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of  water. Drink a medium size glass of water, ideally with a squeeze of citrus in it. The body needs this rehydration after sleep, so make this a daily habit.

3) Take five minutes to prepare a beautiful bowl of matcha, doing it as mindfully as possible. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t, especially after you’ve done it a few times, after which it oddly becomes quite automatic. These actions go into muscle memory in no time flat. 

    Set a small amount of water to boil. While it heats up:

* Get the matcha out of the fridge, and grab your matcha toolkit (sieve, scoop, and frother) Ideally these items just stand vertically in a tall pretty cup, and just live unobtrusively on the counter someplace easily accessible. You’ll also need a small matcha creamer or a mug, and a gorgeous bowl. The bowl can be anything at all, but ideally it’s a bowl you especially like.

* Grab a hefty scoop and sieve your matcha into the creamer

* Pour two ounces boiling water into your bowl (not the creamer), and let it sit for 10 seconds or so.

.* Transfer that cooled but still quite hot water into the creamer (bowl should now be empty and hot)

* Vigorously swirl creamer as if it’s a wine glass, and use the frothing tool to create crema

.* Pour tea into bowl

4) Take your bowl of tea and go sit someplace for five minutes, ideally with some kind of view of nature, no matter how modest.

5) Sip your tea and really taste it. Try to inhale when you’re “chewing” it, and exhale as you swallow, and notice how long it finishes. You can often still taste the tea a full 30 seconds after swallowing it.

6) Try to wish yourself and your body well, and just feel grateful to be awake, as awake as it’s possible to be.

7) Start your normal day.

8) Try to start most days like this. You’ll totally miss them when you don’t do it.